Here is a promotional video for the Garden City Big Band, who will be joining us for our November concert. As you can hear, a stunning sound! 

To get your tickets, go to the Events Centre website here, or go in to the Events Centre to book in person. 


The Choir are keen to celebrate 100 years of the end of World War 1. Many New Zealanders signed up to help the cause. Thousands failed to return to New Zealand and gave their lives in some of the most horrific warfare the world has ever seen. If that was not enough, in 1939 thousands more rose to the call yet again and became part of the Allied Forces that fought for freedom.

The MSA Men's Choir couldn't let this milestone in history pass unnoticed and decided that there was no better commemoration than a concert of song and poetry to mark the two World Wars that changed the world forever.

The evening will showcase the choir of course, but we have been very fortunate in getting the Garden City Big Band to bring the music of the times to life as well. No other sound, better depicts the era than the Big Band.

Phoenix Rising, Ashburton College's junior chorus are involved along with Ashcoll's very own dancers.

The shows will certainly be memorable occasions, taking us back in time and remembering all those who gave part of their lives, and in many cases, their lives for all of us today.

Rehearsal schedule hotting up for November concert!

As the clock continues to tick by at an ever increasing rate, time for rehearsals for our major event 'For the Fallen' is really precious. Angie and the boys are now on two rehearsals a week to make sure that the performance we give during that November weekend, sees the choir singing the best they ever have.

Thursday nights at the MSA continues as always, but now we have another session on Saturday mornings to make sure the boys really know their stuff. It's a big commitment and a time when the choir becomes more of a priority. Other things have to take a bit of a back seat, because at the end of the day this commemoration has to be celebrated with the highest quality performance.

The Garden City Big Band have been working closely with Angie, sorting out staging, music and performance details to make sure that we all have a night to remember. You can find them on Facebook or by visiting their website,

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